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Don't wait until the last minute to get your physical!

You shouldn't waste half of your day stuck in a doctor's office, simply waiting to get your physical. With an appointment at Greenfield First Care, we can get you in and out with your completed DOT/CDL physical in hand within an hour. We strive to provide an affordable and easy way for our commercial-driving friends to obtain their required examination. 

What to expect at your visit:

-Give yourself enough time BEFORE your appointment time to fill out all necessary paperwork. We do have the forms here in our office for both State and Federal qualifications, so there is no need to bring your own!

-Once you have finished filling out paperwork, we must verify your license. Please be prepared to hand it to one of our friendly receptionists.

-The fee is $90, please bring payment at the time of visit. Be prepared to make the payment BEFORE you are seen.


The Exam:

-Perform vision test

-Obtain urine sample and do a urinalysis. Please be prepared to give a small sample!

-Check pulse and blood pressure

-Examine eyes, throat, mouth, and ears

-Listen to heart and lungs

-Check for spine deformations

-Check for abdomen abnormalities

-Check for hernias


Once the exam is complete, you will have to take your copy of the form to the Licensing Branch and follow directions from there. We will register you on the online National Registry! 

You are NOT guarunteed your medical qualification if you pay for the physical. If it is found that you are not medically qualified, we will help to get your health to a standard in which you will pass. Please don't wait until the last minute for this reason! 

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